Stories weave us into families, communities, cultures.

We are all made of stories!

What’s yours?



Hi there, Story Lovers!

In 2021 I’m on a mission to remember I’m a WHOLE human. Sometimes we forget that, in a world where mono- focus rules.

In fact, we get broken into bits, with some bits ‘approved’ by society and other bits not so much. We lose parts of the story of our Selves.

Well, that’s over for me. I’m rebelling against “The Rules” that say you must only be one thing in order to live a joyful, rich, abundant life.

Are you with me?

Then maybe you’d like newsletter/email updates on what’s new in Ellie’s WHOLE world, that means not JUST podcasting, not JUST book writing but all kinds of stuff from creativity that knows no boundaries, to self publishing, to star watching, to gardening, to free knitting, to moon gazing, to stories, storytelling, how stories make our lives work and how we actually need stories to survive…

I’d love to be penpals. I won’t bug you more than twice a month, honest.

(and you can always kick me out of your inbox any time you like!)


Join me on the We Are ALL Made of Stories Podcast, as I explore all kinds of ways that stories help us navigate this twisty- turny thing called "life".

Choose a category that grabs you.

“What's On My Mind" is a 'never ending story' where Zoe Collins and I get together regularly and continue the conversation about life, creativity and everything we so enjoyed in Episode One - it could go anywhere, but hey, that's the way we like it!

“What's Your Story" is where I catch stories from all kinds of creative souls about all kinds of things and share them with you.

“The WHOLE Shebang” is my personal once a month musing session on stories, the universe and living as a whole human on planet earth. Cosmic, right?

I can't tell you how to live your life, but I can tell you a story.

Maybe it's just the one you need...

We are ALL made of stories… what’s yours?

I’m a kidlit author, storycatcher and creative human! I write stuff, do stuff and say stuff.

I talk about all of this on the podcast - but if you’d like to know more about my kidlit books and writings, press the button below to visit my website.

Tools for Wholeness, coming soon!

Do you have any idea how awesome and incredible it is that you were born?

That you’re alive, here and now on Planet Earth?

That YOUR STORY is the only your story there ever will be?

Stay tuned… I have something special for you real soon.

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